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Comic characters that had made people laugh till their belly hurts. No other than Santa and Banta, who took million of hearts with their roles and dialogues in every joke.

These characters indulge new spark with their names in every joke. Santa and Banta are the popularly known comic identities all over the India. These characters reflect the funny and humorous nature of Punjabis. Here are the best Santa and Banta jokes with all new updates for making you laugh again and again. These jokes are made with full humorous attitude to meet the extent of kidding, suitable to every individual of any nature. Read out the jokes listed over here and get the real smile of fun on your face. Come out of that boring air and light up your mood with laughter blown out through these jokes.

Laughter brings the hearts closer. The one who laugh together stay together, enjoys together.

Jokes are the source that influence million of smiles. These are made keeping in mind each and every personality and their desires for the humour. Merely ten out of hundred are those who do not laugh but mostly The sounds of smiles are heard. Jokes generate the power of healing and renewing by inhabiting the ability to laugh easily which is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems and enhancing relationships. Here are the best English jokes which will help you in altering your mood and will make you go through the train of entertainment, keeping aside all the other situations. The wide variety of jokes will drag your attention toward them and will help you in laughing out loud.